Therapeutic Massage

Valley Cellulite Massage offers a massage menu to fit a vast array of body work needs.

Astrid Howe C.M.T has been in practice for 19 years and has extensive experience in cellulite work and deep tissue body work. Our clients’ needs take top priority and personal evaluations are taken into great consideration, ensuring a top notch experience for you.

Deep Tissue Massage
Our deep tissue massage techniques are generally a more focused massage therapy. Working a specific joint, muscle or muscle group, the therapist can access deep layers of soft tissue. Starting superficially and easing into the depth of the muscle slowly often allows more movement. This is the recommended approach in this modality since each person experiences pressure differently. If the pressure is applied too deeply or too quickly, the muscle may tighten to protect that area, and unnecessary damage or inflammation can be induced. Very little lubricant is used as the pressure doesn’t travel much over the skin.

Deep Tissue Massage

Patients often walk away feeling the following:

  • Greater Energy
  • Improved Circulation
  • Better Skin Tone
  • Better Emotional Stability
  • Increased Flexibility
  • A Relaxed Demeanor
  • Clearer Thinking

Before we begin, we ask a multitude of questions about you, your body, any weak or painful areas that need attention, previous injuries etc. This will give you the most effective massage for your individual needs.

If you are experiencing stress and tension in your body, therapeutic massage will do much to improve your well being and general health. You can either come to our offices or have a certified massage therapist come to your home or office.

Sports Massage
For those athletes who take it to the limit – We have a massage to flush out the lactic acid build up and send blood and oxygen back to over worked muscle groups. We take great care to support you style of workouts and get you back on top of your game.

Sports Massage

Benefits of Sports Massage:

  • Increase Mobility to Injured Muscle Tissue
  • Help to Prevent Future Injuries
  • Restored Blood Circulation to the Entire Body
  • Better Perfomance
  • An Extended Sporting Career
  • Elimination of Toxins and Lactic Acid
  • Increaded Flexibility and Stamina

This is a one hour using arnica oil along with other essential oils to give the tissue an extra boost to speedy recovery and muscle strength. Sports massage should be an integral part of any person’s life who is engaged in competitive or recreational sporting activities. A sports massage involves specific stretching techniques to help prevent soreness and injury. A sports massage can reduce the chance of injury through the loosening of connective tissues and muscles. It can shorten recovery time and improve range of motion and flexibility of the muscles.