Cellulite and Fascia Masssage

Valley Cellulite Massage offers a massage menu to fit a vast array of body work needs.

Astrid How C.M.T has been in practice for 19 years and has extensive experience in cellulite work and deep tissue body work. Our clients’ needs take top priority and personal evaluations are taken into great consideration, ensuring a top notch experience for you.

Cellulite massage and manipulation is the most aggressive approach to combating the cottage cheese or orange peel effect that plagues 75% of the bodies of American women today.
When assessing a potential cellulite client, the tissue is assessed so that a strong focus can be applied to the most affected areas.

A Clients’ stomach, buttocks inner thighs and hips are all, individually evaluated from several angles to give you the most effective results possible.

The benefits of using massage to combat cellulite are:

  • Reduced Dimpling
  • Improved Circulation
  • Better Skin Tone
  • Increased Self-Esteem
  • Your clothes look and fit better on your body
  • Cellulite Massage is beneficial in detoxifying your body

Cellulite massage is not for everyone. Some candidates are much more prone to good results than others.
The process involves the breaking of the layers of subdermal tissue. If, you have a very low threshold for pain, our practitioner may suggest another solution for you.
We take your pain threshold into great consideration. The higher your tolerance, the deeper the practitioner can penetrate into the affected tissue. This approach will give you the most satisfying results.

We recommend a minimum of 6 to 10 treatments, depending on the severity of the problem. Then, monthly maintenance will ensure that the cellulite remains at bay. Discount packages are available for multiple massages; please call 818-314-6168 for volume pricing.

What is Cellulite? Cellulite fat cells differ in several ways from “normal” fat cells. Poor diet, hormones and excessive dehydration can damage blood vessels that carry water and nutrients to fascia or tissue. When the tissue becomes malnourished, the fat cells change. The unhealthy blood vessels often begin to leak out excessive amounts of water into the dermis. When this occurs, healthy fat changes its consistency and orange peel skin becomes apparent. Cellulite now begins to grow and take over.



Where is Cellulite? Every woman knows where cellulite resides in her own body. Cellulite may even look worse after a recent or quick weight loss. However, this can be a very good time to address cellulite.

A lot of people suffer from cellulite which is really a toxic build-up, manifested in orange peel skin and cottage cheese thighs. You don’t even need to be overweight or fat to have cellulite.

Thin and slender people suffer from cellulite along with the rest of the population. Some men get cellulite but it is less common because they have thicker skin and tend to have more lean muscle mass than women.

In order to recapture your previous smooth body contours, you need to loosen the trapped waste materials from the tissue and effectively remove these wastes from the body while returning the connective tissue to normal elasticity. With Cellulite Massage, the cellulite areas are targeted to stimulate circulation, especially for areas not very well worked with exercise, such as the inside of the knee and upper thigh.Cellulite Massage to date is the most effective and aggressive approach to reducing cellulite. It is the one treatment that truly works. Through deep tissue manipulation, these unsightly pockets of fat can be broken down. Concentrating on the area of cellulite in the body, these massages have proven to far exceed the results any cream or machine can produce over time. Finally, here is a natural approach to eradicating cellulite without surgery or needles. Cellulite Massage is beneficial in detoxifying your body.

Detoxing with Cellulite Massage

Detoxing with Cellulite MassageA cellulite massage will release toxins trapped within the fat cells. After a cellulite massage you must help flush the newly released toxins out of your body.

The following recommendations will help:

  • Drink plenty of clean water – rule of thumb is to drink enough water to equal ½ your body weight in ounces. For example: a 150 lb. person needs 75 ounces of water every day. Purified, spring or distilled with added minerals – no tap water!
  • Adopt a dietary program that won’t contribute to toxic build-up in your body.
  • Certain supplements can help flush toxins out of your body and may lessen the severity of detox symptoms.
  • Flax meal is an excellent source of fiber that will sweep toxins from your body without absorbing the much needed water from your colon.
  • Daily skin brushing will help stimulate and release toxins trapped under the skin. You can purchase a brush specifically for this use at your local health food store. Don’t wet the brush or use for anything else.
  • Epsom salt baths are another relaxing way to help with detox.
  • Saunas will help you sweat out the toxins.